Cape Verde – The island of Sal in Cape Verde, the right place for surfing

The island of Sal or island of salt, is part of the Cape Verde archipelago and is located in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Senegal.

Like many other islands of this archipelago, the name Sal became commonly used only after the discovery and exploitation of the salt deposits situated here.

The original name of the island , which got later replaced, was Ilha Plana (flat island), used when it was first discovered in December 1460 due to the fact that there are no important reliefs.

This volcanic island has a total extension of 216 km² and stretches for 30 km in its aridity in a cobalt blue sea with spectacular tones.

Sal has recently become the main tourist center of the entire Cape Verde, thanks to its main city of Espargos; here we find the international airport “Almicar Cabral of Espargos” which has made the island an easily accessible destination even for travelers from distant destinations. Furthermore, as for the development of island tourism, we must add that also the white sand beach of Santa Maria, on which the main tourist complexes and its ancient town are located, where there is a colorful and dynamic market, where in addition to the local goods you can also find numerous Senegalese products.

But the island is famous, above all, for being one of the most loved and suitable destinations in the world, especially in winter, thanks to the strong and constant wind, for the practice of many water sports , such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Along the coast there are several centers that organize surf courses and lessons for both beginners and for those who want to improve.

It is also advisable to enjoy the island’s nightlife, featured by music and dancing typical of the Cape Verdean tradition.

The official language of the island of Sal is Portuguese, but given the strong influx of Italian tourists, many inhabitants are consequently able to understand and speak Italian as well.

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