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Generally, when we talk about some sports including surfing, we all immediately think of people with a taste for the extreme who, with a board under their feet are able to perform breathtaking actions, riding waves and challenging the ocean currents of tropical locations, surrounded by beautiful beaches that are lost on the horizon. Of course, these are countries such as Hawaii or the United States, to name two of the most famous, which have a long tradition and a strong link with this discipline, which over the years has consequently led them to have the best athletes. in the world. In recent times Italy has also opened its borders to sports that are not typically local, but which are increasingly gaining ground especially among young people who are now fascinated by disciplines that are completely new to us. This is demonstrated by the appointment of the FISW surf games, a very popular competition held in Sardinia in Capo Mannu starting from October and which will end on November 26, at the end of a series of challenges between more than 3000 wild surfers. Among the Italians stand out Fioravanti, the only Italian athlete to date who has participated in the World Surf League world championship, and Esposito, standard bearer of the Albaria club in Palermo who on 17 November reached the 5th place overall in the Sup Wave specialty.

The event sees the collaboration of the Sardinia region and numerous sports and non-sports associations, which are allocating funds to raise awareness of the typical features of the Sardinian territory as well as the beauty of this sport, through musical and recreational events. The perfect opportunity therefore to combine sportsmen and simple curious people, interested in discovering the rules and curiosities of a sport that is now not so far away from us.

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