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Mahia Peninsula

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Fabulous surf holiday in New Zealand!

The Mahia Peninsula is located on the east coast of the North Island, between the cities of Gisborne and Napier. The Peninsula is a beautiful hilly promontory with a secluded golden sandy beaches and wonderfully clean water. It has a great variety of reefs, points and beaches, hit by swells from all directions. The predominant SW wind is perfect for many of the more exposed spots and a few offshore spots. It attracts people from all over the country even if there are no accommodation or playgrounds, remaining purely a wild area. Humble behavior and maximum respect towards others is recommended due to the localism that reigns in the area. This area is full of spots, in fact there are at least 4 reefbreaks, 6 pointbreaks and a powerful beachbreak. The black beach represents the name of the nearby Nuhuka reef. Black beach is a good quality peak with nice tubing sections. To reach the next spot to the east you need to have permits to cross the private property. A large path leads to the Rolling Stones spot, named for the boulders present in the shorebreak. With rather long and sized swells, it’s a world-class quality right-hand pointbreak, where a left one also breaks on the opposite side of the bay. Further towards Blue Bay there is Railways, another right point that requires large swells from the south. Opoutama is 6km long, a beachbreak which is very difficult to see flat. Right near the reef there is Mahia Reef , which offers quiet lefts, regardless of the tide, but which only break with larger swells. Diners Beach is the only consistent sandy spot on the peninsula and it is often surfaced. Te Kapu has a couple of good quality reefbreaks called First and Second Reef , both with fun right-handers that offer the possibility of ride high-performance waves. If the reef is suffering a little and it is messy from the wind, then the Mahia Spit beachbreak which favors the left waves is worth checking out. The wider sections are more suitable for experienced surfers as the bottom is very shallow and the waves are fast. The inside part of the spot is an easier wave and because of that it is usually crowded on weekends. Mahunga Beach is a perfect wave for longboarding: fun lefts prevail in the north area of the beach, which tend to be better at high tide. If there aren’t any waves in the whole area, then there’s a good chance you’ll find something at the Last Chance spot. This works with NE swells at medium tide, but reaching the line up may be difficult. So, are you all ready for a surfing holiday in New Zealand?

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureMahai Beach Holiday ParkSeashore B&B
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 609€ 504€ 360-


Mahai Beach Holiday Park: camp site € 85

Happy House (or similar): quadruple € 859

New Zealand has good swell exposures from all directions, and it is a surfing destination that involves long car trips checking various spots and keeping a constant eye on the frequently changing weather conditions. The west coast is the more unconstant side of the island, as most of the swells are from west and southwest. The east coast enjoys a dominant offshore wind. The east coast and the west coast are only 6h away by car. Mahia Peninsola is one of the most versatile places in New Zealand. Between April to October it receives 3-10ft of sweel from southwest and northeast. Summer (from January to March) is the period when the big cyclonic swells arrive. The prevailing SW wind blows offshore and it is lighter than in the rainy season. The wind blows from the North during the summer and from the South in the winter. The tidal range is large and it can reach 12ft; many spots are affected by tide changes.

How to get there : No visa is required for most nationalities. Visitors normally fly to Auckland and then reach the Mahia Peninsula in a 7-8 hour drive. The nearest airport is Gisborne and Napier ($ 110 o / w). The closest town (quite large) is Wairoa.

Getting around: Public transport in New Zealand is not efficient, so it is advisable to rent a car to move freely along the “surf highway”. Alternatively you can hitchhike from Opoutama to the most accessible spot but it will likely take a long time.

Accommodation and Food: Accommodation in and around Mahia is fairly classic. You can camp or there are good rooms available at Mahia Beach OR Blue Bay Motor Camps (about $ 32 / double). For a superior hotel quality you have to move to Gisborne. You will pay around $ 6 for a meal. Fish and Chips are cheap ($ 3).

The climate: The east coast remains drier than the west coast due to rain and wind from inside the mountains. Winter is the time of the big swells and it also offers the possibility of snowboarding, while summer is more pleasant but not excessively hot.

Nature and Culture: The peninsula is a wilderness area, a paradise for divers, fishermen, windsurfers, bird watchers and those who love horseback riding. It is a quiet place, certainly not suitable for those looking for an active nightlife. Napier is an interesting Art Deco city and Gisborne is one of the quintessential surfing cities of NZ.

Dangers and annoyances: There is nothing that can be a problem. Be prepared for cold, wind and heavy rain. Despite its tranquility, there may be the occasional problem of localism. It brings a lot of respect to the Maori population.

Tips: Surfing equipment can be purchased in the shops in Gisborne and Napier.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD; 1 € = 1.51 NZD; 1 EUR = 1.41 AUD


Exchange rate variations  (more than 3%) will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Airport taxes subject to changes € 513
  • Approximate flight to Auckland € 960
  • Registration fee € 95

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