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Surfing in Malaysia? No sooner said than done!

Malaysia is formed by the Malaysian Peninsula and East Malaysia located in the northern part of the island of Borneo, which Indonesians call Kalimantan. The Malaysia Peninsula borders the South China Sea to the east and the Strait of Malacca to the west. The east coast comprises 91% of sandy beaches exposed to N swells. These exposed beachbreaks seemingly work with the anticipated monsoon season. A peculiarity about the Malaysian locals is that most of them learned to surf at Sunway Lagoon in Petalin Java, between the airport and KL. Book your surf stay in Malaysia now!

Marang is perhaps the only right point in Malaysia, but it is rarely surfed as it needs specific conditions to work. Rumor has it that there are lefts in Tanjong area , not far from the airport and a golf course, and a little further south in the rocky promontory of Pantai Teluk Bidara. The beach of the Kerrih Resort is affected by the sand banks present which often kill the swell in its size and strength. The ivory sand of Pantai Kemasik in the south of the island holds some waves for beginners or longboarders. Further south is Star Jetty Cruise , a 500m pier on stilts, which offers a little protection from the wind. The safest beachbreak is Kijal , from which surfable peaks extend for more than 1km of coastline (usually the best waves are near the rocks at the south end). Strawberry Resort used to be the locals' secret spot boasting long waves with tubing sections on a sinister sandy point, but access is often denied by the resort guards. This spot is best at high tide with no wind as it is totally exposed to the NE wind. The Quarry used to have world-class quality lefts, but two rocky piers built in 2002 cut the spot in two. It is a great spot for surfing the right. Teluk Mengkuang offers some N wind protection with large swells. At high tide and large swells Chendor Beach can handle quite large lefts that break on a sandy bottom, but the energy of the swells is lower than in Chatering. With a long walk and row you arrive at Club Med visible from the Cherating line-up, hosting quiet reflective lefts near an island. The most beautiful wave in Malaysia is Tanjung Cherating , which is about 5h from KL. This long, protruding sandbar catches the NE breeze and, while not as powerful, unwinds for a long way over the dark waters of the river mouth. The take-off is very fast and thanks to the very shallow seabed it is also a very technical wave in which it is always better to surf at high tide. Strong currents require intense paddling to stay in position, but after the wave, there is a hike back to the peak access. Baluk Beach is home to The Monsoon Madness Windsurf Event, while Teluk Cempedak , is usually filled with KL surfers, where fast food, restaurants and shops draw crowds to its beach. Singaporean Surfers, on the other hand, usually go further south towards Pantai Juara, a deep and protected bay of beachbreaks.

Tariff per person, starting from:

DepartureKapas Island ResortSemarak Beach InnKemaman Lodge & CafeMama Iman GuestroomTeluk Lipat Seaview InnChalet Yunie
From 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020€ 179€ 93€ 63€ 63€ 126€ 32


During the NE monsoon, November to March, when high pressure concentrates on China, low pressure stabilizes on Japan and winds blow strongly N-NE, bringing many storms and swells to the South China Sea. from NE it is subject to waves and rapid increases in strength, quickly producing rough seas. Between November and January, constant 2-4m swell produces waves with 0.6-2m oscillation in the most exposed beachbreaks, which apparently only seem to work before or after the heart of the monsoon such as October or February-March. The locals do not count their experiences in years but in seasons, such as April to October. The tides have irregular and semi diurnal cycles and reach 6ft in spring; the waves are very affected by the various tide stages.

How to get there : 30 or 60 days visa are issued upon arrival. Malaysian is an excellent airline that does not charge for the carriage of surfboards. KL airport in Sepang is about 75km from KL, so it will take about 1h + to reach the city. There are 3 ferry lines between Malaysia and Indonesia. Penang-Medan is the most popular.

Getting around : Hire a Malaysian Proton ($ 50 / day, Orix). It will take you about 4-5 hours to reach Kuatang. Long-distance taxis charge double the price of buses, but are luxurious and efficient in comparison. KL has an ugly and famous public transport system, so avoid traveling during peak hours.

Accommodation and Food : In Cherating, surfers usually go to Mimi's Guesthouse ($ 15 / rm); another option is Duyung Beach Resort, the closest to the point ($ 18 / chalet). Palm Resort Family Rooms ($ 27 / nt). Many resorts close from November to February during the monsoon season. Food is cheap and varied.

The climate : The tropical monsoon brings uniform temperatures around 21-32 degrees throughout the year, with night averages around 24 degrees. The months from January to April are the hottest and least humid months, while the months from May to December are those with the highest humidity. Malaysia is a maritime country where you can experience beautiful sunrises, but remember that it is very rare to find days where the sun shines for 24 hours as the clouds are always in constant motion. Bring nothing but costumes!

Nature and Culture : In KL, go see the Petronas Towers, the KLCC shopping mall, and the various Loft Pubs and night clubs. The Sepang Grand Prix is in March. Visit the Cameron Highlands (jungle walks, waterfalls, tea plantations, gardens), the towering limestone outcrops of Batu Caves or the jungle of Taman Negara.

Dangers and hassles : Malaysia is one of the most pleasant countries to visit in SE Asia and with less hassle. Frequent rains may be a problem during the swell season, but this keeps the numbers and crowds low. The water may be cloudy and the currents strong, but the conditions for surfing will always be calm !! There aren't many local surfers and they are very friendly.

Tips : You won't need a gun, but maybe a longboard could be useful. It is possible to buy equipment in KL and rent boards in the Satu Suku surf shop in Cherating. Much potential for discovery.

Exchange rate 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

Exchange rate fluctuations with fluctuations greater than 3% will lead to an adjustment of costs. They will be communicated within 20 days of departure.

The tariff does not include

  • Indicative flight to Kuala Lumpur € 165
  • Airport taxes subject to changes € 290
  • Registration fee € 95

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